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(For 3-time permit test failure at DMV of adults 18 and older)

1-DAY CLASS, 8AM - 4:30PM, (lunch break included)


Call our office for schedule 757.461.2323

  • Adult lessons are for individuals 18 years of age and older.
  • adult learner's permit must be held for 60 days.
  • Adult lessons are private, one-on-one with the instructor & 1-hour in length.
  • We pick-up and drop-off for each lesson.
  • Adult appointments are scheduled weekdays only from 8AM to 12 noon
  • You must have a valid Virginia driver's permit or license before taking driving lessons.
  • Lessons are conducted using a vehicle with automatic transmission, dual-braking & proper signing (yellow top sign & door Signs)
  • Atlantic Auto Driving School does not guarantee the students will receive their license when taking the road test at the Division of Motor Vehicles. Therefore, students must complete a behind-the-wheel checklist Form #CSMA 19 that can be found at in order to take the road skills test at the DMV.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Re-examination behind the wheel course is required for 3 failures of the DMV Road Test. The fee for 7.0 hours of driving instruction to obtain a Re-examination Certificate (DTS C) is $315.

    Adult Driver Instruction

    $250 for 5 Hours

    and $475 for 10 hours

    additional hours $45 each


    $60.00 PER HOUR FOR 1 to 4 HOURS

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