Interested in helping out with your real time weather data?

Here’s a new group you can share with…

By:  Eleanor Vallier-Talbot

Vice-President, Southern New England NWA Chapter


I recently returned from the 30th National Weather Association (NWA) Annual Meeting in Saint Louis, MO.  I learned about a great volunteer organization called CoCoRAHS.


What is CoCoRAHS, you may ask?  It is known as “The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network.”  This group was formed in 1998 by a small group of volunteers in northern Colorado.  A devastating flash flood hit Fort Collins in July 1997.  A very localized storm dumped over a foot of rain in several hours, while other portions of the city had only modest rainfall.  The flood killed 5 people and caused $200 million in damage.  The network was formed, with rainfall maps produced after every storm that showed fascinating local patterns.


Since 1998, CoCoRAHS has grown to 6 western states, along with several in the mid Atlantic.  Interest in many other states has developed after the group was featured in USA Today and on Fox News, including Connecticut.  The organization is run out of Colorado State University in Fort Collins by Nolan Doesken.  Yes, the same Nolan Doesken that some of you may remember for other former weather organizations over the years.  When precipitation data is posted, maps are updated immediately for scientists, educators, media…well, for anyone to view and utilize.


Since many ACON members have home weather stations, and some are active SKYWARN weather spotters as well as observers for local TV stations, I thought you might be interested in sharing your data on a national stage. 


To learn more about CoCoRAHS, how to build your own HAIL PAD (it’s cool!), and how to join (if you’re interested), visit their website at: