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A Note from the Tidewater Daylily Society:

We’d like to remind our fellow plant lovers that because of the convention, Tidewater Daylily Society will not be having its annual daylily plant sale and show at Norfolk Botanical Garden in June. We will, however, still be hosting Daylily Plant sales on two dates this year. They include July 15th at McDonald Garden Center, 1144 Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA; and the Master Gardener’s Fall Festival at AREC, 1444 Diamond Springs Rd, Virginia Beach, VA. (date to be announced) Never fear! The NBG daylily plant show and sale will go on as usual in 2018!

Greetings from
The Butterfly Society of Virginia

For more information, contact Manuel del Toro, Publicity at (757) 748-7036 or email at

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Manuel del Toro

BSV Publicity Manager

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Muse News: July 19, 2017

1-Wed. Happy Hour at Mermaid Winery; 2-FlickIt Flash Gordon Fri.; 3-Spotlights: Copy Editing, Suspense, Hostages

4-Register Now for Summer Classes, Workshops, & Seminars; 5-Book Lovers Bash Sept. 23; 6-Teen Open Mic July 28

7-Join The Writers Reservoir on Facebook; 8-The Muse Open Tues. & Wed.


Register Now for Summer Classes & Seminars

See below for more information and to register.


Writers Happy Hour Every Wednesday!
Join us every Wednesday from 5:15-7 p.m. at a different location in Norfolk's Ghent for an informal get-together where area writers and Muse teachers, students, and friends enjoy conversation, camaraderie, and drinks. Feel free to let us know you’re coming on Facebook:


Calendar of Wednesday Writers' Happy Hours:

·        Wednesday, July 19: Mermaid Winery (330 W. 22nd St., #106, Norfolk, 233-4155,, house-made wines and O’Connor beer; $5 wine specials.

·        Wednesday, July 26: Tortilla West (508 Orapax St., West Ghent, Norfolk, 23507, 440-3777), $1 off drinks, $3.50 well drinks.

·        Complete calendar and more information:


FlickIt! Fridays at The Naro Theater

Come see Flash Gordon at The Naro Friday Night!

The Naro Gals have joined with The Muse Writers Center and are taking over the theater Friday, July 21 at 9 p.m. and throwing a movie party. The film is Flash Gordon, and along with all of the usual delicious concessions, The Muse Writers Center will be selling beer. Proceeds will benefit The Muse's scholarship funds. (Cash only for beer sales). The Naro Theater is at 1507 Colley Ave. in Norfolk's Ghent. More information:


Spotlight: Copy Editing


Saturday, July 22, 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m., a 1 meeting seminar

Only 6 seats remain. Visit or call 818-9880 to register.

A good copy editor is a reader’s best friend. This seminar, led by an award-winning journalist with more than 30 years of experience as a reporter and editor, can help any writer or editor who values clarity. We will cover ways to find and remove inaccuracies, tighten flabby prose, check every number in an article (even the hidden ones), and correct common mistakes in grammar and usage. We also will review deadline-tested methods to make a final review of an assignment to avoid mortifying embarrassments. If class members are interested, we can cover how to write killer headlines and photo captions. (After all, copy editors are the best-read writers at newspapers and magazines.) Instructor: Dan Duke. Open to: all.


Spotlight: How to Write Suspense


Saturday, July 22, 1-3:30 p.m., a 1 meeting seminar

Only 4 seats remain. Visit or call 818-9880 to register.

"Act I is 'Once Upon a Time,' Act II is 'Then One Day' and Act III is 'But There Was One Thing They Forgot.'" (David Mamet) Good, edge-of-your-seat, bite-your-nails stories are about suspense. More than one good story has been killed by a bad re-telling. This seminar will examine what makes a story suspenseful. Participants will learn how to pace their story to garner the greatest amount of suspense, as well as the critical role conflict plays. Aspects of Robert McKee’s principles will be studied, as well as Joseph Campbell's The Hero’s Journey and Blake Snyder’s screenwriting book Save the Cat. Instructor: Patti McCracken. Open to: all.


Spotlight: Hostages, Crisis, and Negotiations

Saturday, July 29, 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m., a 1 meeting seminar

Only 6 seats remain. Visit or call 818-9880 to register.

"A negotiator should observe everything. You must be part Sherlock Holmes, part Sigmund Freud." (Victor Kiam) Tales of crime and punishment often take central stage in our stories. In this Research for Writers Seminar led by a noted police officer, you’ll be able to better understand and write your own characters and plot-lines, whether you are writing crime stories, mysteries, or courtroom dramas, or simply need a better understanding of what happens in court to make a specific character or story-line ring true. Topics covered include: police response, crime scene analysis and investigation, general police investigations, robberies and bank robberies, and homicides and violent crime. police work in crisis situations, the roles and tactics of a negotiator, dos and don’ts in hostage situations, how to immediately assess a growing situation, the roles of SWAT and support teams, and eliminating double meanings in speech—when you have just a split second to say the right thing. After a presentation, ample time will be available for questions and answers. Instructor: Lt. Michael Lovely. Open to: all.


Summer Class & Seminar Schedule Announced!

Visit for class descriptions, tuition, and to register online. Tuition assistance and flexibility is always available. Visit the website, call the office at 818-9880, or email us at for more information.


We have many new classes... including everything from Creative Writing Camp for Adults, Kids, or Teens to Social Realism in Poetry and Prose! Plus great new craft, research, & professional development classes like Writing Arts Reviews; How to Write True Crime; Hostages, Crisis, and Negotiations; and more! Please help us spread the word!


Classes to Jumpstart Your Creativity & Writing

·        Start Writing, Keep Writing... Write Now (Morning Session)

·        Seven Habits of Creative People

·        Let Your Words Flow: Write Anything

·        Unlock your Creative Voice with Guided Imagery and Music NEW!



·        Villanelles NEW!

·        The Practice of Poetry NEW!

·        Writing our Lives: Social Realism in Poetry and Prose NEW!

·        Our Only World: Writing about Nature and the Environment in Poetry NEW!

·        The Poetry Studio



·        Flash Fiction: Quick Storytelling NEW!


Writers Craft, Research, & Professional Development

·        Copy Editing

·        How to Write Suspense NEW!

·        Hostages, Crisis, and Negotiations NEW!

·        But What’s It About? NEW!

·        Writing Arts Reviews NEW!

·        How to Write True Crime NEW!

·        Writing Your Dreams NEW!

·        How to Self-Publish Your Book NEW!

·        Agents and Publishers: Demystifying the Process NEW!

·        A Punctuation Refresher

·        Advanced Scrivener

·        The Salvation of Science Fiction: Imaginary Technology NEW!

·        How to Submit Your Work to Magazines and Journals

·        The Short Story: An Excavation NEW!

·        Preparing for Your Reading


Art for Writers

·        Zentangle for Beginners NEW!


Food Writing

·        Sup, Sip, & Shoot NEW!


Songwriting & Ukulele

·        Ukulele for Beginners


Classes for Kids & Teens

·        Young Writers (ages 7-8) Week NEW!

·        Young Writers (ages 9-11) Week NEW!

·        Teen Writers Week NEW!

·        Crafting the College Application Essay NEW!


The Muse’s 2nd Annual Book Lovers Bash
You’re invited to The Book Lovers Bash, Saturday, September 23 (7-10 p.m.) at the Slover Library.


Individual tickets to the Bash and VIP Reception are available as well as many opportunities to become a bash sponsor. Please visit or call 757-818-9880 for advanced tickets, sponsorships, and more information.


Bash only: $35: Bash is from 7-10 p.m., and includes fantastic desserts, a cash bar, a silent auction, a performance by Skye Zentz, a DJ, literary characters, a prize wheel, a photo booth, and other great entertainment.


VIP Reception & Bash: $125: VIP reception is from 6-7:30 p.m., and includes a full, open bar, heavy hors d’oeuvres, music and entertainment, remarks and a short reading by Joe Jackson (the 2017 PEN America Award in Biography), a meet-and-greet with local literati, and admission to the Bash (7-10 p.m.).


Muse Teen Open Mic

Friday, July 28, 7-9 p.m., at The Muse (2200 Colonial Ave. Suite #3, Ghent, Norfolk, 23517)

Open to Teens 12-17. Come read original short stories, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Sign-ups begin at 7 p.m. Approximately 5-minute slots available. The event will be chaperoned, and the teens request the audience be mostly teens beside the chaperones. Snacks & refreshments provided! More Information: or let us know you’re coming on Facebook: Join other 12-17 year olds for a fun night of listening to and reading original writing!


Join The Writers Reservoir on Facebook

Visit and connect with other writers and share articles, essays and personal experiences about being a writer in the world today as well as information about places to submit, contests, conferences, and more. The Writers Reservoir is more than a writers’ resource, it is a writers’ community! It is a place where writers can share, learn, connect and find that often elusive creative spark. The Writers Reservoir is an open Facebook group. All writers are welcome to join and send invitations to join.


We're Open on Tuesdays & Wednesdays!

In addition to being open Tuesdays from 10 a.m.-7 p.m., we are now open to the public Wednesdays from 12:30-5 p.m. Come join us and write, read, or learn more about The Muse. The Muse Writers Center is at 2200 Colonial Ave. Suite #3 in Norfolk’s Ghent neighborhood (23517)—in the Ghent Market Shops.

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