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The Friends of Fred Heutte Foundation is pleased to announce the receipt of a grant for 2018-2019 made by The Board of Directors of Hampton Roads Community Foundation, Norfolk, Virginia. The grant is made from the Julian Haden Gary and Margaret Savage Gary Fund to continue horticultural education programs at the Fred Heutte Center.

The Hampton Roads Community Foundation is southeastern Virginia's largest grant and scholarship provider. Since its founding in 1950, the regional community foundation has provided more than $265 million in grants and scholarships to improve life in Southeastern Virginia.

In its continuing alliance with the Hampton Roads Community Foundation [previously The Norfolk Foundation], the Friends of Fred Heutte Foundation is grateful for this grant as it pursues its mission to enrich our community by sharing Fred Heutte's ideals of urban beautification.

With this grant, The Urban Gardener Lecture Series will continue. Also, grant money will also be used to enhance our gardens as considerble work is needed, especially for plant replacement.

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