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Frederic HeutteWhen he died in his eightieth year, Fred Heutte left a great legacy to the people of Tidewater: a vast collection of ideas that could only be realized through educational services such as lectures, workshops and demonstrations. He left a vision of a center that would house horticultureal artifacts and knowledge, past, present and future.

The Fred Heutte Horticultural Center is a living memorial to a man whose visions of beauty knew no bounds.

The goals of the Friends of Fred Heutte Foundation are to continue Fred Heutte's work in the beautification of South Hampton Roads, and the preservation of the environment. The Foundation was organized in 1980 and is housed in the Old Ferry Terminal Building, located in the heart of Ghent Square. This historic structure, constructed in 1887, at the site of the old Commercial Place, served Norfolk-Portsmouth ferry riders until 1952. The building was ultimately disassembled and reconstructed at the present site. The new setting is complimented by an English Knot herb garden, perennial garden, and arboretum.

The building may be rented for meetings, classes, and receptions.

During the year, many educational and horticultural programs are sponsored by the Foundation to teach the art of growing and loving herbs and other plants. Our extensive reference library is available for research.

2017-2018 HONOR DONORS

Ann & Larry Atkinson ~ Bettie M. Cooper
Helene & Jim Haluska ~ T.W. Hubbard & Christopher Hamlin
The Estates of Dr. Ula K. Motekat and Janne Motekat ~ Vaughan Privett
Captain Douglas M. & Mrs. Sally G. Simon
Mr. &. Mrs. Richard Tabor
Hampton Roads Community Foundation
The City of Norfolk, Virginia
Ghent Square Community Association

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