Renting the Fred Heutte Center

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The Fred Heutte Center may be rented at very affordable rates for your events including (among others):

  • club meetings
  • receptions, weddings, wedding receptions
  • classes
  • social group meetings
  • professional and business related meetings
  • bar/bat mitzvahs
  • memorial services
  • birthday parties
  • family gatherings and "roasts"
  • exercise groups like Tai Chi, Yoga

  • Please call us at the business office (757-441-2513) for current rental quotes and available services based upon your group size, type of event, and length of rental time you require. You may also send us an email request to

    Also, you can view the grounds and center in our gallery of pictures with a click here.

    Planning Your Event: Please keep in mind these concerns as you plan for your event:

  • Select a date for your event. We can "tentatively" reserve a future date for you; however, if another prospective tenant wants that same date, then you must make a security deposit or "hold date" deposit. Otherwise, your date may be released to another tenant. Feel free to call the office to check on dates.

  • How many people will attend your event?

  • At what time of year will your event occur? Changes in seasons can affect your event. For example, if using our center for a wedding and or/wedding reception, would you be wiser to have the event in June rather than in May when local weather is often more unsettled than in June. This is particularly true if you plan to utilize the surrounding outdoor grounds. Our grounds and surrounding gardens are particularly pleasing to the eye in the late spring and early summer weeks.

  • Being as specific as possible, determine how many hours you will need to rent the FHC. Include prep and break-down times.

  • What kind of music do you plan?
  •  The Fred Heutte Center no longer permits any electronic amplification of musical instruments (e.g., band) and electronic amplification by disk jockeys outside the building. A disk jockey is now permitted on the inside of the building as long as the doors and windows remain closed, except for normal entry and exit.
  • While you may request "light" music for ceremonies outside, your request must be approved in advance. Acoustical, "light background music," or small orchestra performances not using electronic amplification will be permitted outside for a short period of time as it relates to weddings, processions, and recessions (e.g. wedding marches, church music). Loud volumes for such music will not be tolerated; volumes must be in adherence with city ordinances.
  • Keep in mind that city ordinances (Sections 26-1, 26-3, 26-10) require music levels to remain at or below specified levels for entertainment. Music levels are not to carry beyond the property lines on which the center is located. Tenants found in violation of the city ordinances may be subject to citation by the Norfolk City Police Department and may be subject to penalties and/or fines. If the noise level outside is in violation of the city's noise ordinance, the police officer responding may issue a criminal summons to the person or entity causing the noise. The fact that there is a contract for the rental of the Fred Heutte Center does not absolve the person or entity causing the noise from responsibility for the violation. If the police are called to your event and a resulting complaint is made to the center, a $25 fine will be assessed to the lessee; this fee is in addition to any citation issued by the police.
  • Music played inside the Fred Heutte Center (e.g. CD player) must cease by 11:30 PM local time. Music inside the building must be maintained at or below acceptably moderate levels and be compliant with all city ordinances. Only one amplifier is permitted inside the building. To reiterate, no disk jockey equipment or electronically amplified instrumentation (e.g. band) is permitted on the outside grounds. Disk jockeys with amplifying equipment are permitted inside the building. All doorways and windows must remain closed during the playing of music inside the building except to allow for exit and entry by individuals.
  • Tenants are to be respectful of their surroundings while occupying the city park in which the center is located. Abusive language, excessively loud voice(s), and littering, among other poor behaviors and exhibited by the tenants and their guests are unacceptable in the Ghent Square residential setting. At the same time, we do not condone abusive language or harassment aimed at our tenants by members of the Ghent Square Community. Tenants are encouraged to contact the police department if they are abused or harassed by local residents when renting the facility.

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  • If you are planning to serve your guests any alcoholic beverages, you should consult the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control office at 1103 South Military Highway in Chesapeake, Virginia, telephone (757)-424-6700 to obtain the proper license. Applications are now being accepted online at the link above. The license you receive must be available for inspection during your event at the Fred Heutte Center. The center is not responsible for the acquisition and for the display of your alcoholic beverage license. Furthermore, if your caterer obtains the license on your behalf, make sure he or she gives you the license in advance for display at your event. In addition, please make a copy of your license to be kept on file at the Fred Heutte Center. Tenants are to be respectful of their surroundings while occupying the city park in which the center is located. Abusive language, excessively loud voice(s), and littering, among other poor behaviors, are unacceptable in the Ghent Square residential setting.

  • The center management reserves the right to require a security patrol officer for certain functions. Please inquire about obtaining the services of a security patrol if you plan an event of 100 or more guests and/or are serving alcoholic beverages inside the building. You are responsible for the salary of the security patrol officer. The center secures the officer on your behalf.

  • Will you need outdoor tents, outdoor tables, outdoor chairs, or a dance floor? If so, you will need to rent those items separately from an outside provider. You must also make sure your provider returns to pick-up such items before the next event at the center. Keep in mind that our center only has approximately 70 chairs and rectangular 16 tables for your use. They are included in your rental. Each table seats at least 6 people comfortably.

  • Will you need a decorator, florist, and caterer, among other service providers? The center does not provide such services. We recommend that you perform a Google search to locate a good list of service providers for the Norfolk, Virginia area.

  • The kitchen area is included in your rental and houses a refrigerator and microwave for food storage and preparation. A sink, cleansers, mops, brooms, vacuum cleaner, and garbage bags are also available to you. All trash must be taken to the trash receptable area at the east end of the center before leaving the grounds. Tenants are responsible for cleaning the kitchenette and restroom areas before they leave the premises.

  • The center must be returned to the condition in which you found it.

    To see more pictures of the Fred Heutte Center, inside and out, click here.

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