The Urban Gardener Lecture Series - 2014

Hampton Roads Community Foundation The Fred Heutte Center is pleased to continue its Urban Gardener Lecture Series for 2014. The series continues to be funded by a generous grant from the Hampton Roads Community Foundation.

The Hampton Roads Community Foundation is southeastern Virginia's largest grant and scholarship provider. Since its founding in 1950, the regional community foundation has provided more than $152 million in grants and scholarships to improve life in Southeastern Virginia.

We have gathered a variety of speakers who will provide expertise in different gardening-related fields. The series is geared for beginners and specialists. While the program is free for members of the Friends of Fred Heutte Foundation, the cost for non-members is $ 5.00 per person. Some lectures require the pre-payment of materials fees. All lectures will be held at the center.


Billi Parus

Saturday, April 26th, 2014 at 1:30PM & Sunday, April 27th, 2014 AT 1:30PM

We have twisted our local herb guruís arm and she has agreed to share some of her secrets of successfully growing herbs in the Tidewater area! Billi Parus travels all over the country presenting herb & cooking programs. She is a life member of The Herb Society of America and The Herb Society of Great Britain. She is also a Virginia Beach Master Gardener. Currently she is serving as Chairman of the local Tidewater Unit of The Herb Society of America. Billi, and husband John, reside in Virginia Beach, VA. There they maintain a 200+ plant herb garden, featuring several national collections of herbs. In 2009. Billi was presented a Certificate of Achievement- one of 10 international awards bestowed by The Herb Society of America each year. Hopefully, we can twist Billiís arm a little more and she will share some of her delicious herbal recipes with us!


Bill Smoot

Sunday, January 26th, 2014, 2:00PM

Bill Smootís program looks into the new gardening concept of "living walls", or vertical gardening! He has traveled throughout the world visiting vertical gardens and will share his photos with you. Living walls create a lush covering of plants on a vertical plane. Because plants are grown vertically, valuable floor & garden space is saved. Initially started in France as large commercial installations spanning several stories high, they were then adapted for indoor commercial decoration, and now are starting to appear in individual homes and gardens. As with all things new and rare, all are currently on the pricey side Ė until now! Bill has devised a method of economically fabricating vertical gardens using hardware store materials and other items. Now you can be the envy of all your friends with your own inexpensive vertical garden!

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