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Rockin' Through the Years

"Absolutely, without a doubt, the most satisfying station out there. I was a 5 year old kid when my sister graduated high school, and I grew up with her 45's from the 50's. My brother graduated in '65, so I had another supply of music from the early 60's through '66, until I started buying my own. This selection of songs you play spans it all, and I've never heard anything like it. I put your station on my preselects, and eliminated all the others. I can't believe I heard Diane Renay and Andy Williams' "Butterfly". Love to hear some of the old R&B deep soul but still your station is the best. Thanx for a great job!"
Danny - Ojai, California

The World's Best
Mix of Online Oldies
Listen Here !

Rockin' Through The Years
began its first Internet broadcast on New Year's Day 2003. Three-quarters of one year was spent in gathering, recording, and cataloguing over 3000 recordings. And we'll attempt to play every one of them! No mix of oldies anywhere on the Internet is equal to our collection. For a song to receive "airplay" on RTTY, it has to be good! And- along with your requests - we determine that!! Be sure to check us out often as live broadcasts are in the works!

Listen Now!
Listen to your favorite oldies now at Rockin' Through The Years!

[ To listen, simply click the image below. ]

RTTY at Live365

Jimmy Jay's Rewind Show!

   REWIND on RTTY - Now heard at 7AM - 11AM & 7PM - 10PM Eastern Time on Sundays

Join Jimmy Jay for Rewind !

This 4-hour weekly show features the stars you grew up with - the hit makers of today and yesterday!

7-11 AM & 7-11 PM

8-10 AM
Eastern Time

Hear Jimmy Jay & Rewind at RTTY!

Big Bob's Memory Lane Show!

Big Bob's Memory Lane Show - Heard at 9 PM Eastern Time on Saturdays

Memory Lane is a 3-hour LIVE show broadcasted every Saturday at 9:00 am EST (link at image above) featuring "Old Time Rock and Roll" music. We play the charted hits from the 60's and 70's, one hit wonders and covers. We don't just play songs, we play memories.

Repeated Saturdays
9 PM
Eastern Time

Hear Big Bob's Memory Lane Show at RTTY!

Got a Request?
Send it along to  You can even make a list of hits you'd like to hear at a given time! Just send it along!!

Since we must abide by Internet broadcast rules, your request cannot be played until at least 60 minutes have passed from the time we receive it.

We'll do our best to get them on! Most important, your requests tell us what our listerners want to hear. So, send 'em along!

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Leslie Stevens'The Route 66 Oldies Show

Leslie Stevens of Route 66- Heard Sundays at 11AM & 11pm ET

Join US Route 66's Leslie Stephens for his weekly broadcast playing some great oldies from the 1950s and 1960s! From his studio off the famous route and to the west of Flagstaff, Arizona, Leslie presents familiar and not-so-familiar hits of an era gone by! The Route 66 Oldies Show is re-broadcast SUNDAYS 11AM & 11PM ET at Rockin' Through the Years!

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