The Virginia Camellia Society , in a coordinated effort with the Norfolk Botanical Garden, assists in maintaining the Hofheimer Camellia Garden. Our other goals are to increase the number of cultivars in the garden and at the same time teach our members and the public the proper methods of propagation, pruning, fertilizing, and insect/pest control. We have speakers available to other interested garden groups. There are three or more hands-on workshops free to the public conducted yearly, Spring and Fall-- to demonstrate and teach camellia maintenance, propagation, gibbing, and preparation of blooms for show. Workshops are announced in the Garden section of the local newspaper.



Left: Dr. Winston Gouldin
teaching the proper methods
of planting during a recent
hands-on workshop




Benefits of Membership

For the first time, all American Camellia Society Members are able to enjoy the privileges of the reciprocal garden program sponsored by the American Horticultural Society. This program provides the benefits of free admission into over 200 public gardens nationwide. The American Camellia Society garden at Massee Lane is one of the gardens in the program. You get a list with your ACS membership card or you can access the listing online by the following link on the AHS website, Join the Virginia Camellia Society just for the fun of it! We'll introduce you to other camellia enthusiasts so you can learn to bring color to your garden Fall, Winter, and Spring! You'll learn how to care for and propagate camellias, where and when to plant, what varieties bloom when, what varieties are hardier and how to get bigger and better blooms. Camellias are so easy to grow. Enjoy workshops to green-up your thumb and learn how and where to enter competitions. Much of what you learn can be applied to gardening in general. One of our goals is to partner with other horticultural groups. You'll receive a calendar of events and timely reminders to join in the activities and educational programs.


Exceptional Variety, Exceptional Blooms
Camellias are native to Asia. A few varieties are commercially cultivated for the oil in seeds and the production of tea. For centuries, many have been grown just for their beauty. Most of the camellias now commercially available are from Japonica, Sansanqua, or Reticulata parentage. Cross pollination of these species have produced thousands of hybrid cultivars.

Display at the Annual Virginia Flower

The Virginia Flower & Garden Show is held each year in January at the Virginia Beach Pavilion. The show features display gardens and educational presentations by commercial companies and horticulture societies, and vendors of garden related products. setting up exhibits, and sharing information, provides special volunteers opportunities for society members. This is a unique opportunity to talk with the experts, view award winning gardens, and purchase hard-to-find garden items all under one roof.



Left: Bob Black teaching
a group how to prepare
camellia blooms for show


Apply for Membership

Virginia Camellia Society
Membership dues per calendar year:
Individual $20.00 or Family $25.00

Application for Membership

Membership RENEWAL

Virginia Camellia Society
Membership dues per calendar year:
Individual $20.00 or Family $25.00

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Virginia Camellia Society
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Discover the pleasure within the pages of the American Camellia Journal.  You'll want to see our latest stories by experienced camellia growers and friends throughout the United States who share the same love of the camellia evergreen plant.

The website has hundreds of topics, forms, information, or functions with just a click of a link!  Plus every publication that we've ever published since 1946 is available through our website, but you must be a member to see them.  Additional educational videos and other related camellia culture materials are online.  Online shopping, membership renewal, and camellia registration forms continue to be available on our site as well for quick and easy ordering and submission of forms and online payments.

Options are available for both online and hardcopy versions of the Camellia Journal and ACS Yearbooks at very reasonable rates.  A single or joint membership holds the same membership cost of only $30.00 per year.  Electronic memberships (online publications only) are available at only $20.00 a year.

ACS participates in the American Horticultural Society Reciprocal Admissions Program, which allows our members to enter approximately 270 gardens throughout the US, Canada, and the Cayman Islands with discounts and/or free admission entry.

Additional ACS membership benefits include:
  • Quarterly issues of the Camellia Journal with brilliant full-color and informative articles on camellias and camellia-related events
  • A copy of the American Camellia Society Yearbook, an annual collection of scientific reports and technical research editorials with illustrative photography, recent discoveries, camellia history, and useful concepts for growing or displaying camellias
  • Online access to additional publications, educational content, and forums
  • 10% discount on ACS Gift Shop purchases at Massee Lane Gardens and our online Gift Shop A copy of Camellia Culture, an ACS publication on camellia care and propagation
  • Free admission to Massee Lane Gardens - headquarters for the American Camellia Society
  • Free or reduced admissions to participating gardens available through the American Horticultural Society's Reciprocal Admissions Program (visit for details and a complete listing of garden participants)
  • National conventions with competitive camellia shows, tours, and other fun-filled activities
  • Educational workshops, a speakers bureau, and extensive camellia library, camellia fact sheets, and camellia nursery information

 Visit the ACS website to become a member of the American Camellia Society

    Prize Winning Blooms
    Prize Winning Blooms
    Outstanding Certificates Awarded at Recent
    Virginia Camellia Society Shows
    Large - Coed
    Medium - Scentsation
    Small - Grace Albritton
    Miniature - Fircone Varieties
    Best White - Han-ling snow

    Large - Ville De Nantes
    Medium - Betty Sheffield Supreme
    Small - Black Tie
    Miniature - Little Red Riding Hood
    Best White - Nuccio's Gem

    Large - Carter's Sunburst
    Medium - Cheryl Lynn
    Miniature - Fircone Varieties
    Best Sasaqua - Our Linda
    Best White - Seafoam

    Large - Royal Velvet
    Medium - Margaret Davis Picotee
    Small - Les Marbury
    Best Novice - Wille De Nantes
    Best White - Ruffian

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