Library of Blooms:

[ All photos taken by Eric Hillerman, Doug Simon, and Dr. T. Winston Gouldin (where not noted) ]

How many do you know?
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A - B - C

Adolphe Audusson                        Alba Plana                        Amanda Mandarich                        Ann Clayton

Autumn Delight                        Autumn Moon                        Berenice Beauty                        Betty Sheffield Supreme

Black Lace                        Black Lace                        Bonanza                        Tray of Bonanza

Buttons -n- Bows                        Carter's Sunburst Pink                        Charlene Variegated                        Cherries Jubilee

Clark Hubbs                        Curtain Call

D - E - F

Dixie Knight Supreme                        Donckelarii                        Dr. Habel #6 Camellia Japonica - Bloomed 11/27/03                        Dr. Zhivago

Elaine's Betty

El Gouldin                        El Goudlin                        Emmett Barnes                        Fir Cone

First Blush                        Freedom Bell - Camellia hyrbird non-Reticulata - Bloomed 12/23/03

G - H - I

Governor Mouton                        Grace Albritton                        Habel 16 Hyrbrid                        H.A. Downing

Harold Page                        Helen Beach                        Henry Huntington                        Hishi Karito

J - K - L

Janet                        Jean Clere                        Jean May                        Tray of Jean May

Jim Habel                        Julia Pink                        Kathryn Snow                        Kiku-Toji

Lady Clare                        Lady Laura                        Les Marbury                        Little Babe

Lucky Star

M - N - 0

Marie Kirk                        Tray of Marie Kirk                        Mark Allen Variegated                        Maroon and Gold

Mathotiana                        Mathotiana Supreme Variegated                        Melinda Hackett                        Melissa Ann

Midnight Lover - Camellia Sasanqua - Bloomed 11/27/03                        Mona Jury                        October Affair                        Our Linda

P - Q - R

Pink Snow                        Red Hots

S - T - U

Showa No Sakae                        Tray of Showa No Sakae                        Tray of Show No Sakae                        Star Above Star

Taylor Maid                        Tom Cat                        Tomorrow Park Hill

V - W - X

William Lanier Hunt                        Tray of William Lanier Hunt                        William Penn

Y - Z

How many do you know?
Pass cursor over pics to see their names.
Click single images above to enlarge!

Top Left: Donckelaari Semi-double - Top Center: Jean May Double - Top Right: Kanjiro Semi-double - Bottom Left: Mathotiana Supreme Double - Bottom Center: Ohkan Single - Bottom Right: Seafoam Formal - Double

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