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In September 2005, forty-two camellias were planted by parent volunteers in the Mustang Meadows Learning Garden at Mt. Vernon Elementary School in Yorktown, VA. The shrubs will eventually create hedges around the two outdoor classrooms within the garden. The Virginia Camellia Society worked with PTA volunteers to provided the expertise in choosing and planting four varieties: Our Linda, Destiny, Tri Color, and Jerry Hill. The plants should provide colorful blooms while the children are in school to enjoy them.

The people who were instrumental in planting the Camellias: Principal Jane Allen-Houk who backed and supported the camellias, former PTA President Margo LaMarsh and current PTA President Belinda Williams who supported and funded the project through PTA funds; PTA parents/York County Master Gardeners, Jody Turner, Michelle Gazarik, and Clare Britcher; and Sara Hartian PTA Parent and Mustang Meadows committee member who helped to oversee the planting.

- photography by Jody Turner

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Mustang Meadows Before

Clare & Cheryl Review Plan     Mustang Meadows Fall 2004     Mustang Meadows Fall 2004     Mustang Meadows Summer 2004

Mustang Meadows Prep Work

Benches First Steps     Both Tillers from Country     Colin & Vicki Rose with Wheelbarrow     Feeding Gravel to the Berms

Gail & Sue Ann Moving Mountains     Gail, Sue Anne, Michelle     Gail, Sue Anne, Michelle Rocks     We Have Made a Dent!

Jody & Sue Ann     Judy & Mulch Mountain!     Large Rototiller     Planting Rocks

Sue Ann with Rocks     Tiller Work     42 Camellias Ready to Plant     Appaloosa Before Camellias

Appaloosa Planting     Camellia Planting Targets     Camellias Have Arrived!     Camellias Near Future Home

Camellias Under the Maple     Classrooms Before Camellias         


     Mustang Meadows Icon     October 2005     Watering New Camellias

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