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In the West Cradock section of Portsmouth at 2:10pm , 2/8/23, here are the latest conditions:

Dew Point Temperature
Relative Humidity
Wind Chill:
Current &
Lowest Today
Heat Index:
Current &
Highest Today
Barometric Pressure
Rainfall today
Yearly Rainfall
NNE 6 gusting to 14 mph
30.200" & Falling

Time 2:10pm  | Date 2/8/23
Sunrise 6:59am | Sunset 5:36pm
Moonrise 8:28pm | Moonset 8:43am |
Moonphase 17


Current 63.4
Average 64.6

High 67.4
Time of High 12:04pm
Low 46.6
Time of Low 7:01am

Rate -1.19
Rate High 5.24
Rate High Time 10:52am
Rate Lo -1.20
Rate Lo Time 2:10pm

Dew Point:

Current 45.5
Average 46.1

High 48.6
Time of High 12:02pm
Low 40.9
Time of Low 6:31am

Rate -0.63
Rate Hi 2.18
Rate Hi Time 9:51am
Rate Low -1.55
Rate Low Time 2:04pm

Relative Humidity:

Current  52.0
Average 51.2

High 83.0
Time of High 7:50am
Low 47.0
Time of Low 12:47pm

Rate 0.8
Rate Hi 2.1
Rate Hi Time 1:43pm
Rate Lo -11.1
Rate Lo Time 10:35am

Barometric Pressure:

Current 30.200
Barometric Trend: Falling
Average 30.204

Max 30.232
Time of Max 11:16am
Min 30.142
Time of Min 4:02am

Rate -0.004
Rate High 0.009
Rate High Time 11:16am
Rate Low -0.012
Rate Low Time 11:56am

Wind Direction:

Current NNE
Average 44

Wind Direction Hi 359
Wind Direction Hi Time 11:17am
Wind Direction Lo 4
Wind Direction Lo Time 11:08am

Rate -104.3
Wind Direction Rate Hi 229.8
Wind Directioin Rate Hi Time 2:06pm
Wind Direction Rate Lo -269.5
Wind Direction Rate Lo Time 11:47am

Wind Speed:

Current 6 mph
Average 8 mph

High 20 mph
Time of High 3:30am
Low 3 mph
Time of Low 12:14am

Rate -2.2 mph
Rate High 9.1 mph
Rate High Time 10:06am
Rate Lo -4.7 mph
Rate Lo Time 11:58am

Wind Gust:

Current 14 mph
Average 15 mph

High 20 mph
Time of High 3:30am
Low 7 mph
Time of Low 8:00am

Rate -1.4 mph
Rate High 7.0 mph
Rate High Time 9:34am
Rate Low -7.5 mph
Rate Low Time 12:00pm


Wind Chill:

Current 63.4
Average 64.3

High 67.4
High Time 12:04pm
Low 40.4
Low Time 6:41am

Rate -0.95
Rate High 6.69
Rate High Time 10:42am
Rate Low -1.97
Rate Low Time 9:14am


Yearly 3.57


Hourly 0.00


Daily 0.00

Heat Index:

Current 64.4
Average 65.5

Rate -1.12
Rate High 4.30
Rate High Time 10:52am
Rate Low -1.23
Rate Low 2:04pm

High 68.2
High Time 12:04pm
Low 50.9
Low Time 6:31am

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