Weather Records
    Portsmouth, Virginia



Virtual Weather Station Software - Version 14.01 p46 used for real-time weather;
used with Davis Vantage Pro2 Cabled

Davis Vantage Pro2 Cabled WeatherLink 5.7.1 Software used for archived weather: records time, temp, dew point, wind speed and direction; barometric pressure; rainfall; computes relative humidity, wind chill temp; records to memory high and low extremes of all readings aforementioned; graphs all aforementioned readings; real-time (PC visual) barometer trace; variable units (fahrenheit/celsius; knots, mph, kph, M/S; inches, MM, MB)


Davis Vantage Pro2 Cabled Wind Indicator (to 100 MPH) at 30' AGL; Maximum Gustmaster Wind Recorder (to 120 mph) at 30' AGL;  Downeaster Wind Direction and Speed Indicator (to 100 mph) at 30' AGL

Gemware - Electro-V Psychrometer, Hand-Electric

Airguide Aneroid Barometer (Compensated)


Davis 8-inch diameter Tipping Bucket Electronic Rainguage
(two spoons; measures to .01")


All-Weather Raingage (4 inch diameter, 11 inch capacity; measures to .01") (NWS specification)
[currently used as secondary gauge to verify Davis 8-inch electronic gauge hooked to VantagePro 2]


Additional Software:

Webcam32 Version 6.0.1 imaging software with Internet FTP

Weather Eye (data storage and analysis)
Weather Eye Plus (data analysis and graphing)
WxSolution for Automated Weather Observing

Visibility: estimated (straightline visual) from 20 foot level looking west

Database: (dating to July 1976)

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